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Wondershare TunesGo: TunesGo from Wondershare is the best alternative for DeTune to copy music and perform host of other functions as well. The software is available for free trial as well as paid version and is compatible with Windows and Mac system. Below given are the major features of TunesGo

Below given is the Guide that will help you to download Wondershare TunesGo and enjoy its host of features:


Detune Alternative,detune software,download detune,detune reviews,detune 1.0.6,detune download Senuti


Mac OS X application, Senuti tops the list when we talk about some of the alternatives to Detune. It was developed on 19th April 2006 and is software to transfer your desired files, music and videos from an IOs device to your Mac. This software is known to be the best alternative to Detunes because it helps in an easy transfer of multimedia files from one device to another.

1)User friendly interface.
2)Convenient and flexible to use
3)Free demo for easy operation
4)Easy and fast transfer of music from iPhone to Mac
1)Users have experienced various bugs in this software.
2)It has a problem of crashing down in the middle of its functionality.

Download link: https://www.fadingred.com/senuti



Detune Alternative,detune software,download detune,detune reviews,detune 1.0.6,detune download TunesOver


TunesOver by iSkySoft is considered as a yet another alternative to transfer your media, music and videos from one device to another. This software supports one click system to easily switch your wanted data from an iOS device to your computer. The trial version of the TunesOver is available free of cost online and the updated version can be purchased through apple stores or TunesOver websites.

Pros: 1)There is no transfer of duplicate content
2)You do not need to run iTunes to transfer the files as in Senuti.
3)TunesOver can automatically detect the differences of files from one device to another and restrict the transfer of similar files.
1)The cost of purchasing the full version is too high.
2)Updates are not easily available.
3)Problem of bugs and crashes

Download link:http://iskysofttunesoverformac.en.softonic.com/mac



Detune Alternative,detune software,download detune,detune reviews,detune 1.0.6,detune download iExplorer


iExplorer is another important alternative for Detunes that allows you to switch the favorite list of music, media, photos etc from IPhone, IPod and IPad to your computer. This is an excellent interface that enables the user to transfer even text messages, playlists and podcasts to your personal computer. With its diverse features, you can have an easy access to all the content on your own device.

Pros: 1)Much like iTunes itself.
2)The content is never lost even if the device crashes.
3)Intuitive design and easy to operate
4)Diverse features.

Download link:https://www.macroplant.com/iexplorer



Detune Alternative,detune software,download detune,detune reviews,detune 1.0.6,detune download AnyTrans


The iPhone data loss can be caused several factors, such as the removal by mistake, the failure of iDevice, loss of iDevice, restoring factory mode, the update of iOS, etc. It would be a disaster especially when they lost are very important to you, such as music library, contacts, messages, notes, and photos. That is why it requires a data recovery software to help you quickly find lost or deleted data.

1)Comes with good and customizable interface
2)Allows you to organize files

Download link:http://download.cnet.com/AnyTrans/3000-18551_4-75737335.html


Functions/Alternative TunesGo Senuti iMazing CopyTrans TouchCopy
Compatibility PC and MAC Mac PC and MAC PC and MAC Mac
Price $39.9 $18.9 $39.9 $35 $39.9
Music transfer
Backup of data
Free trial version
Android device compatibility >
Fixing ID3 tags
Music library management features like changing cover, deleting duplicates and removing missing or broken tags
Recording music from multiple online sources
YouTube download

Detune Alternative,detune software,download detune,detune reviews,detune 1.0.6,detune download iTools


iTools is a brilliant alternative to Detunes, available totally free of cost online. This app helps in an easy synchronization of your iOS data to your computer. All you need to do is connect your devices and start using this software. When we talk about its positives, it has many interesting options and features to get rid of the problems of transferring files. A general look at your device can be done and an analysis of amount of space can be made. Bug error and file crashing issues are some of the cons associated with the software.

Download link:http://itools-for-windows.en.softonic.com


Detune Alternative,detune software,download detune,detune reviews,detune 1.0.6,detune download iFunBox


Listed under the category of top 5 free alternatives to Detunes, iFunBox is a software that operates on Windows. This software comes with a drag and drop option through which you can simply transfer the desired files from your iOS device to the computer. Available free of cost on almost all the online software website, IFunBox is known to have some cons as well. There have been complaints related to malwares and bugs during and after the installation of this software.

Download link:http://filehippo.com/download_i_fun_box


Detune Alternative,detune software,download detune,detune reviews,detune 1.0.6,detune download PodTrans


PodTrans enables its users to transfer the filed directly from their Ipods/IPhone back to the computer. Available free of cost, this software is considered small and compact and yet comes packed with an array of features and multiple options. PodTrans is quite convenient to operate. Highlighting some of the pros of this software, it has an easy drop down menu for the users to access. Also, due to its small and robust size, it is easy to install and update. Some of the cons of this software are the bloatware and malwares associated with its installation.

Download link:http://download.cnet.com/PodTrans/3000-18546_4-75733600.html


Detune Alternative,detune software,download detune,detune reviews,detune 1.0.6,detune download Syncios


Syncios is also listed under the category of free alternatives to Detune. This software runs both on windows and mac and helps in an easy transfer of your data from one source to another. One of the striking features of this software is that is functions as an iPhone manager and has an extremely user friendly interface. One of the disadvantages associated with this software is that it is always installed as additional software and takes no permission prior to the downloading.

Download link:http://www.syncios.com/


Detune Alternative,detune software,download detune,detune reviews,detune 1.0.6,detune download Jajuk


This software is known for its fast processing and descriptive interface. As an alternative to Detunes, this software is also accessed for the file transfer from an iOS device to a computer. Jajuk is considered as an excellent tool for organizing large amount of data and managing it properly. Another important function of this software is its ability to support multiple languages.

Download link:http://www.jajuk.info/download.html

About Detune--detune download,how to use detune,download detune,detune review,detune software


1)Manage your library on Ipod and Ipad, even if the songs have been deleted from iTunes.

2)Capable of transferring large files between two or more computers through an Ipod, and that too in a freeware program.

3)Helps to recover the lost songs from your iPod and Ipad in a user friendly manner.

Comments --detune reviews

Detunes have got mixed reviews from its users

Positive detune reviews

1) Excellent software, available free of cost.
2) Exceptional invention to solve the problem of songs transfer.
3) Since it has a simple iTunes like interface, I am able to access my songs, movies and videos comfortably.
4) I forgot to make a backup of my favorite songs and videos and my device crashed. I read about Detunes and I am greatly satisfied with the functions it performs. I have an access to all my content back in my Mac.
5) I am able to transfer even large files from my iOS device to Mac. It is a great launch.

Negative detune reviews

1) The process of file transfer from my iOS device back to my computer is not properly mentioned anywhere; it is totally useless and waste of time.
2) Since it is free of cost, the developers have not added much features to the app.
3) Detunes need improvement in terms of its functionality and access.
4) Not impressed with the app. completely disappointed with its launch.
5) Since I am a less experienced apple user, it is very difficult for me to understand the use of Detunes due to lack of instructions.



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